Monday, September 6, 2010

Loving Collaborating

CJ Pressma designed the collage and printed it on silk, I then shibori dyed the fabric.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Copper Painted Shibori Nuno Felted Merino

The challenge was wrapping the 10 feet of felted merino and silk on a five foot pole and then shiboi painting it so that I could get enough penetration without too much dye dripping.  Soaking it in a solution of equal parts vinegar and water with a little synthrapol seems to help the merino soak up the dye.  The question is does it dilute the color?  This piece is meant to be hung on the wall in a place where the sunset shines through the window.  It's amazing the fabric that be created on the FeltLOOM!

Danielle's Purses and Flap Sacks

I love the new flap sacks Danielle is making.  Sewing is the future I must say.  Amazing how many people do not know how to sew.  It seems like my mom always had her sewing machine out working on something.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

From FeltLOOM to Shibori

My life has changed now that I have found the FeltLOOM. And my painted shibori art has never been more exciting.

Now for the first time, FeltLoom redefines Fiber Art by enabling a person to make their own fabric with chosen colors, textures, and designs quickly. Feltloom provides choices that we have never had before. It allows instant creative gratifaction for people of all ages.

You do this by placing your colored fibers and design on the FeltLOOM table placing them next to the rollers. The rollers will move the fibers and the felting needles will go up and down to create the fabric. It is instant gratificaion when your design is done quickly. It does not require traditional spinning and weaving to make fabric. The fabric is felted so it will not ravel. It can be made into things such as a jackets, scarf, rug, blanket and other innovative products. The material can be cut and sewn for fashion or other uses.

The traditonal fiber artist will take weeks to make items from scratch. This loom does not need yarn, it uses batting or loose fibers. Unlike prior fabric making, a jacket may be made from scratch in an afternoon, including making the fabric and sewing it together. It takes a half hour or less to make a scarf. We had a group use the machine and they said it is revolutionary to have this much control over the end product without any prior training. This enables an individual to see the results of their ideas instantly.

Textiles for the individual have not changed for centuries. This new FeltLOOM is a true break through. It takes the technology that industry has been using since 1890 and puts it in the hands of the people so they can create wonerful one of a kind items. This will change what people want to do and make one of a kind unique items much more plentiful.

Over 300 people have used our commercial model with great enthusiam. They always say "WOW!", I didn't know I could do this. One lady said she could truly make what was in her mind. They loved using it and some have been sold. The conumser model will be smaller but with much of the same functionality. The FeltLOOM provides a quantum leap in productivity.

First of its Kind Collection

Off to Louisville for the Kentucky Market at the Conventon Center with my truly one of a kind, first of its kind, nuno felt collection which was created from the newly patented FeltLOOM and then shibori dyed. What makes these shawls so special is the soft merino on one side and the silk, with a dash of shine, on the other side. So perfect to wrap around you on a cool night.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fashion Function at Living Arts and Science Gallery

It was great to reconnect with the Lexington art community during Gallery Hop at the Living Arts and Science Center. My only regret is that I didn't get to make it to all the other galleries. On exhibit was my copper Shibori dyed nuno felted devore and merino wool jacket, with a handbag and head wrap. I wore an natural brown alpaca and black devore nuno felted coat with nuno felted scarf and bag, and a Shibori dyed chartreuse mini poetry skirt. (Sounds complicated) I was toasty warm.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Copper Nuno Felted Jacket

I'm off to felt more silk and wool, even though it is sooooo cold, since there are only 20 days left until the Kentucky Craft Market and I want lots of these beautiful pieces to show and sell.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nuno Felting on the FeltLOOM

I love the little felt sheep in the background reminding me where the wool comes from that I felt onto the devore silk. So wonderful to be able to use the FeltLOOM and create such large pieces of fabric that I can Shibori dye.