Sunday, June 9, 2013


Hand felted on the FeltLOOM, merino, alpaca and silk, shibori dyed, beaded, and painted with acrylics.

In my memoir, The Garden Girls Letters and Journal,  I, (a.e. the Garden Girls) layer on everything; paint, pencils, fabric. I'm still layering; felt, silk, paint, and beads.  My next show at MS Rezny Gallery in November will be titled, "Layered, a fantasy memoir."  It will be a visual memoir.  Instead of words, it will be paintings, felt, silk, artist books, and, okay, there will still be some text.

“When I grow up,” Rose says, “I want to be like Sage.”
“And how’s that?” Honeyrose asks. Reaching into a red velvet bag she pulls out small scraps of torn paper and places them on the altar. Then to keep them from blowing in the wind and in preparation for uncovering stories, she layers on pencils, one for each of us just in case we forgot to bring our own.
“What is it about Sage you yearn for?” Gardenia asks.
“For one,” Rose says, “her authority. She speaks and she thinks and she lives with authority. I feel it in her words, I hear it in her tone, and when I look at her picture on my altar, I see it in her face. What I want to know is when did she begin to speak with such strength?” Using her walking stick, Rose pushes dried leaves, sticks and moss off a flat rock, creating the perfect place, with a view of the pond through the trees, on which to sit and ponder.

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