Thursday, May 29, 2014


The Shibori technique is based on manipulating fabric by wrapping it around a pole or rope, folding and clamping, or stitching. The fabric resists the dye and creates a pattern.     I always place at least three colors, or shades of one color of dye on the cloth.  This creates movement and depth.  The real pleasure attained using the Shibori technique is when you open each steamed package and discover the results!

  1. Make rules
  2. Choose a palette and stick with it
  3. Ask “What if?”

The secret to beautiful texture and blend of color is to not use too much dye by learning to read the flow of the dye in the same way a kayaker reads the river before descending over a 40 foot water fall.  The only way to repeat what you discover is to measure and make notes. (Sorta.  You can never really repeat with shibori. J )

Vinyl Sulphon Dye:   Turq. Yellow, Magenta, Black.  I like to use the color wheel and formulate my own colors.  That way I know what color every other color contains.
Urea water:  ¾ c urea to 4 cups hot water
Add 1 t Ludigol
Use 4 cups Urea water to 7 T dye concentrate
Make soda ash solution.  Add  ½ t Soda ash solution to ½ c dye
I use about 3/4 cof dye for one yard of fabric.  But it could be more or less depending on the fabric and whether or not I want any white.

Soak cotton, rayon, bamboo in soda ash solution til damp then drizzle dye on fabric.  Record differences in dampness before applying dye.

For wool, soak fabric in equal parts vinegar and water with capful of synthrapol.  Record differences in dampness before applying dye by drizzling dye on fabric

Let fabric dry completely before steaming.  Wrap in at least 3 layers of newsprint and muslin.  Place in canner with  about 2” of water on stove. Cover with towels.  Steam for 40 min.  Rinse in hot water with synthrapol til water is clear.

For Cotton, silk, bamboo or rayon:  Wash on delicate cycle, cold water and softener (Dharma).  Be very careful when rinsing rayon as it will tear.  Dry on delicate cycle.  Iron with hot, steam iron  For wool, rinse carefully pressing fabric to remove excess water and dye.  Lay flat to dry, drape or place in washer with drain rinse cycle.  Let air dry.  Iron

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