Tuesday, May 21, 2013

 Seeking Passion
My friend asked me why I do it, shibori dye fabric over and over again.  Good question.  I think the answer might be what defines an artist.  I'm addicted to the question "What if?" I told her.   What if I add this color, what if I design this dress, what if I sew it this way instead?  I can't stop.  I listed to Larry play his new Cordoba guitar.   He can't stop.   He plays the same pieces over and over.  My newest "what if" is using the Vinyl Sulphon dyes to dye alpaca and merino roving.  I'm excited to see the results after it is made into bats and felted on the FeltLOOM and I create a "what if" piece of wearable art.  From the looks of this photo, I may be onto to something with this new process as the newly dyed roving in copper and rust and blues dries in sun.

In writing, Rose was seeking passion, the passion that gets you excited and keeps you awake at night. Rose was always passionate; there was no getting around it. She wasn’t ever going to give it up. To be able to create passion, that’s what freedom is, that’s what life is; just keep on writing because what else is there?  
excerpt from my memoir, The Garden Girls Letters and Journal

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