Friday, May 17, 2013

The Excitement of Color

Much better.  After over dyeing this silk charmeuse using the Shibori pole wrap I like the copper color.  More intense.  There is excitement watching the rust and copper glisten as I serge.  The first time, with the fold and clamp, I just couldn't get enough dye to penetrate so that the colors I formulated were able to "shine" to their full potential.  I guess that's the pleasure in making art.  Finding the excitement.  Whether it's when writing poetry, performing, visual or musical.

   I remember the dinner, the wineglasses, the red and the white. I didn’t want to go home early. I wanted to laugh all night and I wondered what made it different, what caused the excitement? Was it Clove’s voice, the way she spoke when an idea came and it took her several minutes, it seemed, to speak. You had to sit real still to catch every word so you could understand and you so much wanted to understand.                             excerpt from "The Garden Girls Letters and Memoir"

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