Saturday, May 18, 2013

The First Bird Sings at 5:54 am

I open the windows.  It's chilly outside.  I make a fire in the wood stove.  There is still lots of scraps of wood to burn that was part of the old siding that had to be removed because of rot.  Hence, implementation of a Living a Layered Life rule for sure. Make Art Now.  Never let lack of money or materials keep you from making art.  Use what's at hand.
This dress was made from two remnants of 1 1/2 yard pieces of jacquard silk.  Usually all my art is made from at least 72 -80" pieces.   I shibori dyed it in copper and rust colors and copied a dress that I love and has gotten worn out from frequent wear.   The shawl is a prototype for a new design.  This one has flaws, however.  That means I get to wear it!  I will make more now that I have the idea in place and technique down. I don't know about the dress.  It is more size specific.  I prefer to create things that fit many. The photo doesn't show the true brilliance of color that I get from using the vinyl sulphon dyes.

I started thinking that maybe Rose and Clove could open a floor-covering store. You know, sell carpet and linoleum and hire local guys to install it. Then they could take off and go to women’s music festivals and sell artwork they made from carpet remnants and linoleum scraps.
excerpt from my memoir, "The Garden Girl Letters and Journal"

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