Sunday, May 19, 2013

Taking a break from media, like Netflix, NPR and the Daily Show.  Getting our news from friends and Facebook conversations instead.  Took our grandsons to see the new Star Trek movie. First time in a theater in over 6 years. Spent $40 on 4 tickets, medium popcorn, two boxes of candy, one medium root beer.  Lots of color.  Reds and yellow.

Simplifying.  Seeking inspiration in the moment. Following intuition.  This 44" silk charmeuse scarf was shibori dyed in shades or fuchsia, red and red orange formulated using the Vinyl Sulphon dyes.  A circle was cut in the center creating a poncho.  So much easier to wear.  She'll be headed to New Orleans, soon, to the Great Artists' Collective.  Email me if you want one.  We can collaborate.  Give me a bit of news and be sure and ask for your "Friends" discount. 

“How do you find the words?” Rose asked.
“Look at your hands,” Clove said.
“I think you mean that’s really all I have to do.” Rose said.
“Of course I mean it,” Clove said. “Look at your hands, Rose it’s all in your body, in the way you walk, the way you smile, the way you think. Look at your hands and take a deep breath and you’ll find the words.”
The thought was exciting, physically. Rose felt her body move. Mentally she felt her mind churn. “Let’s write together again,” she said, “the next time we can claim a moment to own.”
excerpt from my memoir,  The Garden Girls Letters and Journal

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